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The Company along with Customer, Partner, and Employee, based on Trust The Company along with Customer,
Partner, and Employee, based on Trust

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This is Shin, Jae-il, a CEO of Ability Systems Co., Ltd.

About Us
Since established in July 2004, Ability Systems Co., Ltd. under the rapidly changing environment, we promote the Total IT Solution Provider and have grown continuously with the spirit of challenge and trust. Beginning with SI and broadcasting image solution business in the past, Ability Systems currently holds a wide network service and various references. Thereafter, to become a leader of Total Solution Provider, we will become a corporation to implement the better IT world with the competence of the best professional group.

Corporate Principle
Just like any other company, Ability Systems Co., Ltd. once had abysmal adversity in the past. From the time where there was a small office with about 10 employees to till now, there has been an unchanging management principle.
그것은 바로 신리입니다 그것은 바로 신리입니다
Under difficulties, after we put our upmost effort to keep the trust with customers, partners, and employees, we could have been grown till today. Now and ever, Ability Systems will be a corporation to coexist with customers, partners, and employees based on the trust.

Corporate Culture
The best virtue of Ability Systems is “self-determinism and responsibility.” In other words, we promote to be a company that autonomously works. We do not fear a trial and error, but we do fear if we may not learn anything from it. Through the lesson, we will run to evolve through lessons.

Please brought us your generous support and regard for us, and if we lose our first resolution, do not hesitate to reprimand us. Please watch over us till the end.
Thank You.