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We provide the best service for the improvement
of customer competitiveness by making a diagnosis,
design, establishment, and settlement of the best
IT system for various corporate environment.

Based on the configuration and requirements by the company, we provide the best service of the best system making a diagnosis, design, establishment, and settlement
Integrated Security/Control/Analysis System Establishment
Data System Transfer for the Public Institution
Information Communication Network separation business, etc.
SI Development
We diagnose the current customer IT level, establish the process reflecting the requirements, and perform the design and development to improve the corporate value.
Establishment of Work System and Development of Various Softwares
Registration of Disease and Development of Management Service, etc.
Based on the accumulated know-how from various IT businesses, we establish the optimized network configuration and various services.
Wire/Wireless Security Network Equipment Supply Service
Establishment of Overseas Traffic Control IP-CCTV Infrastructure
Network Integration, Management, and Control Service
On-site Operation and
We provide a stable IT infrastructure by establishing the information protection system against internal/external weak spots and security risks of the company.
Corporate Information Communication Network Sophistication Business
Malicious Code Detection and Technological Development Business
Establishment of Integrated Control
Establishment of Intelligent Security
Infrastructure Configuration
We use the accumulated IT technology provide the optimized maintenance service for customer service.
Configuration Analysis of Customer IT System
Outsourcing of Network / System Operation
Professional Maintenance for the Change of Operation Configuration

Contact Person
Kim, Choul-han / business Section Director
TEL +82-2-514-0220
TEL +82-2-514-0220