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Annuity Insurance

4 legal insurances and casualty insurance

  • National Pension (One of 4 Insurances)
  • Unemployment Insurance (One of 4 Insurances)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Insurance (One of 4 Insurances)
  • Health Insurance (One of 4 Insurances)
  • Retirement Pension
  • Casualty Insurance


Annual salary system and extra incentives for the achievement of target sales.

  • Annual salary system
  • Incentive System

Subsidy System

We pay a subsidy for your position, and for a holiday work, an extra work encouragement pay is given.

  • Position allowance
  • Holiday overtime allowance


A part of communication expense is granted for an employee with frequent outdoor service and team manager.

  • Partial aid of communication expense

Aid for relocation expense

For relocation of office of employees among the headquarters and branch offices, we grant the relocation expense for settlement.

  • Aid for relocation expense in case of relocation
    among the headquarters and branch offices

Reward System

Award granted for a long-term employed person for the development of team company. For an employee with outstanding work performance and exemplary model, an excellent employee award and special promotion system are held.

  • Award for Long-term Service
  • Award for Excellent Employee
  • Special Promotion System