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Job Preview
“ Let us show our positions in Ability Systems Co., Ltd.”

Job Preview
“ Let us show our positions in Ability Systems Co., Ltd.”

“We support in various fields to administrate smooth progress of the company.”
Management Support
Role: We perform the management analysis, establishment of strategy, budget, legal issues, corporate planning, operation, and strategic operations to make the corporate culture to achieve the management policy.
Business Support/Marketing
Role: We provide the support for overall company work, and we take care of marketing, PR, distribution, HR, and other organizational performance improvement and sustainability.

“At the forefront with customers, we take a role as a warrior for the best performance.”
Domestic Business
Role: We establish the business plan, business activity, performance management, customer/client management, and explore a new market. Also, we lead the cooperation with other departments to pull over a business.”
Overseas Business
Role: We take a business to explore and maintain the overseas market by establishing an overseas business plan and managing of business activity and overseas market to contribute to a business strategy for corporate profit creation.

“We establish and manage the IT system for businesses.”
Program Development
Role: We develop a service required from the process of comprehension and analysis of customer requirements, design, and development through smooth communication with clients.
Solution Development
Role: We promote a continuous upgrade for the technological trend of market to provide the high-quality solution by managing development and maintenance of core solution.

“We lead a responsible project based on the analysis of IT Trend.”
Project Management (PM)
Role: Within the limited time, we take the designated resource (human resource) to establish the system reflecting customer requirements and perform a project with full responsibility for the entire process.
Technology Plan
Role: Based on the market analysis, we take care of exploration of new business, long-term business strategy, and establishment of a marketing strategy.

“We smoothen pre-business and follow-up measures for customers.”
IT Consultation
Role: For the order of business, we perform the advanced consultation, evaluate customer needs, and define and propose the detail implementation solution to establish the customer business strategy and plan.
IT Planning
Role: We establish the IT strategy plan to organize the process for system settlement and analyze requirements for IT service management and operation.